Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interactive Console!

I found a good way to implement the interactive embedded console for the scene designer! (After a bit of sifting through search results about implementing an embedded python console in C++.)

Now onto to figuring out Pickle. Which is basically serving in place of the future .soy format, as that hasn't been implemented yet in PySoy. As I'm sure most of people reading this know, you wouldn't want to use pickle in the long run due to it being insecure.

1 comment:

  1. Well, pickle can in theory be made secure, by controlling which classes can be loaded.

    But pickle as an implicit serialisation is a bad format for long term data storage, as migrating data from older to newer schemas is painful.Basically because you miss explicit loading code your class needs to be able to handle all possible versions of possible instance state. IMHO, "valuable" data is better served with explicit loading/saving code/format. OTOH pickle makes a very nice cache format as it's one of the fastest ways to load data into a python process.